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Burnin' Beak Golden Ghost Pepper Jelly is Sweet, Tangy and Spicy, filled with fresh yellow bell peppers and ghost peppers with a citrus twist of lemon. 

The heat level for the Golden Ghost Pepper Jelly is Super Hot, comparable to the Super Hot Habanero Pepper Jelly. The heat will hit you right away and last a bit longer than the habanero.

For people who love spicy foods, the Golden Ghost Pepper Jelly is for you! 

Available in both 3.75 oz (small) and 10 oz (large) jars.


Pepper Jelly Uses

  • add a spoonful on top of your favorite crackers and cream, brie or goat cheese
  • top a breakfast waffle or pancakes
  • use as a spread in your turkey, cheese and spinach wrap
  • add to cooked oatmeal
  • fill half an avocado
  • top a baked sweet potato
  • use as a spread on your favorite veggie sandwich
  • use as a glaze with roasted chicken, salmon or pork
  • add a spoonful to your sauteed asparagus, broccoli, green beans, brussels sprouts or carrots 
  • melt in a saucepan and drizzle over popped corn 
  • top vanilla ice cream






Made in Long Beach CA, USA
Available in 3.75 oz (small) and 10 oz (large) jars



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